school meals


At Yes Chef! Catering, we have recently moved our focus on to school meals, as we strongly believe that it is imperative for children to not only enjoy the experience of eating but to understand the nutritional values of food as well.

The menus will be targeted at children of all ages and parents will feel a lot more confident that their children are eating healthier meals whilst at school.

The prevalence both here and world wide of obesity, diabetes and heart disease will help encourage consumption of nutritious foods, as the children will be educated towards the dangers of high cholesterol and saturated fat diets. At the schools and colleges we will highlight the importance of healthy eating from a young age. Comparisons will be made with fast food concepts and the dangers of over consumption.

We believe it’s very important for children to have something nourishing to eat at break time, as well as at lunch so our menus have been designed accordingly to encourage a healthy balanced diet throughout the day.

Our nutritionist Helga Marin Bergsteinsdottir has had more than twenty years experience in fitness and health programs and has been developing healthy calorie counted menus for adults, as well as healthy nutritional meals for children.

Please click below to view our School Meals brochure:

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