Types of Chefs

Operating in a home as being a chef is usually a fast-paced, exciting job. You will find a variety of kinds of chefs, each one with a certain responsibilities and station. Learning about the various kinds of chefs are able to assist you determine if pursuing this particular area will be best for you. In this post, we will evaluate the various kinds of chefs and the duties of theirs.

What’s the big difference between a cook and a chef?

Though numerous may make use of the terms chef as well as cook interchangeably, there’s variations. They might plan menus, create brand new experiment and dishes with fresh recipes or ingredients. Chefs generally have a minimum of a couple of years of expertise in kitchens.

Cooks are generally entry level kitchen workers who might work in everyday or maybe fast food restaurants. They usually adhere to particular recipes with no lots of deviation. Cooks may become chefs with dedication and experience to the career.

Culinary programs probably takes a single to 3 years to complete based on the college and also specialty.

Executive chef:

They observe exercise during the shift of theirs, guaranteeing each chef is completing the duties of theirs in a prompt fashion. Executives chefs normally do not take part in cooking. Rather, they try dishes before delivering them to clients, review final plate presentations and also build brand new menu items. It will take many years of experience and education to be an executive chef. In most kitchens, a top chef is equivalent to an executive chef. They keep an eye on home activities, keep an inventory, purchase items and at times train brand new staff.

Sous chef:

They work right with an executive or maybe top chef, making sure additional chefs full orders and fulfill the restaurant’s perspective. They communicate continuously with chefs, be sure they’ve the ingredients and also equipment required and also make much more complex choices compared to the executive chef.

These chefs make meat before it visits diverse workstations. They figure out the requirements of various other chefs and cook the best kind of meat kinds along with cuts required for the change. Additional responsibilities could include looking at the quality of meat upon shipping, checking inventory and curing/storing meat as necessary. Not every kitchens are going to have a butcher chef.

They make batters and doughs, bake them and usually include decorations for foods like breads, croissants, cakes, eclairs and puff pastry. Pastry chefs might be high ranking kitchen workers that built their own choices separate from some other chefs. Lots of pastry chefs attend culinary college for this particular specialty.

Pantry chef:

They usually operate in bigger restaurants which have a few cold storage areas which require your own professional to monitor supply quantities and also make sure each food is fresh. Pantry chefs can additionally prepare salads along with other cool foods, purchase different items and also provide cold things to chefs that want them.

Roast chef:

They cook items for roasting, keep track of them during the entire baking time and build complementary sauces for meals. Roast chefs can additionally braise meat, meaning they roast it in fluid to really make it much more tender. Roasting may take a number of hours, therefore these chefs can show up towards the room first to start cooking.

Vegetable chef:

They figure out the fastest way to cook veggies, like roasting, steaming, frying or sauteing. Additional responsibilities could possibly include seeking ways to prepare several produce for exactly the same dishes at a time, creating toppings or sauces for veggie dishes and also building only veggie dishes or maybe veggies which complement meats. Vegetable chefs might in addition make sauces and also egg dishes also.

Fish chef:

As the title suggests, this particular chef makes use of all fish meals for a restaurant. In several instances, they might make various slices of fish for buyers to drink raw.

Beef chef:

A red meat chef cooks all meats interested in dishes. They figure out the very best cuts of meat for various dishes, assess cook and quality them according to instructions. Meat chefs understand the most effective methods to prepare a cut to be able to make it taste the very best it is able to. Additionally they recognize what sauces and sides work best with beef.

Fry chef:

Fry chefs work fryers to prepare sometimes, vegetables, and meats cheeses. They might bread, batter or maybe freeze different food items before frying, computer monitor baking times and also maintain their station clean. Fry chefs typically create sauces that complement the plates of theirs.


They stick to the directions of sous chefs and head chefs and make sauces for those meals served to customers. Sauciers might be in charge for salad dressing, stews, gravy, pasta sauce, soups and stocks. Because they typically the sauce at the conclusion of plating, they look for last demonstration to make certain dishes seem right before they are helped towards the client.

Types of Chefs

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