Places for the best pizza in Dubai

Exactly who does not love a great pizza after a tiring working day, correct? If you love this delicious Italian import, we’ve the summary of greatest locations for pizzas in Dubai! Although pizza was created in Italy, as time passes it’s turned into a massive global success owing to its reputation as an on-the-go food. And so the when you’re craving this particular Italian pie, try out several of these sites for perfect pizza in Dubai. We ensure you are going to love the cheesy deliciousness!

Places for the best pizza in Dubai

True azure pizza enthusiasts in Dubai will argue above the authenticity of a slim crust as well as the yummy goodness of gold outdated American like thick crust pizzas. Whatever floats the boat of yours, present day list of locations for perfect pizza in Dubai has all of the best choices shown for you.


This’s among the best Italian eateries in Dubai with 2 preferred limbs within Dubai Mall as well as Dubai Festival City Mall. It’s preferred for treats, premium pastas, sauces and breads. Eataly can make pizza with a slim crust, with sauce and gooey cheese layered on it, which makes it 1 of the best locations for real pizza in Dubai. Additionally, it will keep the caliber of flours and sauces in check, especially for various flavours of pizza. In case you like fish try their tuna based “Tonna” pizza to see a unique spin for your favorite Italian treat.


If love this particular Italian treat, top about to Pizza Express, which has several of the very best pizza in Dubai. This thriving pizzeria in Dubai operates 6 major outlets. With an eclectic selection of unusual pizza, this’s an unmissable haunt for enthusiasts of the traditional Italian pie. Several of the very popular choices include “Padana” pizza that is layered with yummy tomato sauce and then topped with a delicious mixture of mozzarella and goats cheese in addition to white onions and spinach. They’re additionally really popular for their sea food pizza of Dubai, with a proper helping of clams, squid, prawns as well as other things


When you would like to purchase pizza online of Dubai, test Pitfire Pizza. This pizzeria in Dubai creates crispy-crust and thin pizzas, which can be puffy on the tips. The outlets have a small room to sit down in though they’re primarily noted for meals delivery. Additionally, it has the weekly special deals of its happening sometimes.’ Hell’s Kitchen’ 1 of the hottest pizzas, is a traditional blend of oily pepperoni, jalapenos, chilli flakes, black olives & mushrooms


This’s a fashionable fast food chain which is known for its great choice of speciality pizza in Dubai. Additionally, it serves hot subs and soft drinks and it is child friendly too.


If you would like a big pizza, look at 800 Pizza, Dubai. The best sellers of theirs are Pizza Pollastrona as well as Margherita con Buffalo. The latter includes a slim crispy crust with a creamy topping of mozzarella and tomato sauce. When you’re not really a fan of red meat, you can try their vegetable timeless as well. Individuals that search for’ pizza offers Dubai’ is happy to find out the location has a selection of offers taking place.


This’s a celebrity joints inside Atlantis The Palm resort. Among the best eateries with authentic Italian pizza of Dubai, the creations here are really stunning. Even though you are able to to spend significantly more cash for the pizzas in this Atlantis joints, their flavours are definitely worth the price tag. You can try out their Basil Mozzarella Tomato or maybe Pizza Con Caprino all of that are speciality pizzas of the restaurant.


If you would like fresh ingredients on the pizza of yours, top over to Rossovivo. The place specializes in artisanal pizza in Dubai. Their Bufalina pizza has a delicious tomato sauce and white mozzarella cheese on top part associated with a crispy-yet-soft crust. This particular location could provide value that is good for money.

Basilico and Tomato

Offering a varied and diverse selection of Dubai is Tomato & Basilico. This pizza chain of Dubai has been a success, because of the care as well as interest to detail by the committed team. Their pizza has a really special combination of toppings that you should absolutely try.


This’s a chain of public by the renowned British chef, Jamie Oliver. It works on a sourdough for all the pizzas of its to ensure the base seems crispy and light. You can try out their yummy chilli beef pizza that is well-liked by pizza lovers in the city because of its unique blend of flavours.

Places for the best pizza in Dubai

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