Maids in Dubai

At WhiteSpot Cleaning, we offer part time maid service in Dubai, UAE. All ours maids undergo an extremely intensive training programs, certification programs and also skills tests on consistent schedule. Consequently, we are able to guarantee the below.

All the maids of ours in dubai are: Hotel Standard Cleaning Staff: All Maids are taught to deliver five star and seven star hotels, which means you may be certain that they are going to provide the best standard of service.

Most English Speaking Staff: All our maids are second or native language English speakers and also the one’s with accents are taught with accent neutralizing strategies so you can speak with the cleaner of yours in Dubai with ease.

Educated and Certified Maids: WhiteSpot training course is among the most difficult to go through as we make certain that the maids of ours in Dubai are prepared to experience nearly all difficulties. The maids experience more than 200 Bedroom cleaning techniques, more than twenty bathroom cleaning techniques, over twenty Living Room cleaning methods and more than five basic safety and protection guidelines.

In-person Interviewed Cleaners: Each maid is very carefully vetted through layered selection as well as interview processes. Maids are selected based on attitude, hygiene and also workload capacity alongside cleansing typical rankings created especially to guarantee quality of maids service in Dubai

Detailed Screenings: Every cleaner experiences a comprehensive screening process just where we do identity verification & background checks. Every maid is vetted completely before we get finding them for WhiteSpot Cleaning Company.

Trustworthy and responsible: Since the start of our cleaning business in Dubai in 2017, our clients love our products and maids like our maid service they often get trustworthy, reliable, and responsible staff.

Concerned about the cost of working for different housekeepers?
We provide these products on a brief contracts as well, select from hourly, weekly, daily, along with month contracts. This without a doubt is going to decrease the cost of running as well as staying in touch specific housekeepers, as you will not need to stress over visa costs, transport costs, settlement costs, or maybe several other costs.

And so let our trained expert and cost-efficient housekeepers make sure your premises often remain welcoming to all Dubai Maid Service the discerning guests of yours.

Book our hotel cleaning products in a single click or perhaps call us right now to find out much more about our master housekeeping services.

Maids in Dubai

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