Corner Wardrobe

Knobs and also handles are sold individually.
Interior gadgets which help you organise inside your closet are sold individually.
Small hallway? Not to be concerned. In order to cover each shoes & jackets, you simply have 50×38 cm of floor some space because of this storage solution. Roomier than a clothing hanger – and also neater. ten year warranty. Hear around the conditions within the guarantee brochure. You are able to quickly adapt it ready made PAX/KOMPLEMENT combination to suit the preferences of yours as well as taste with the PAX planning tool. In case you would like to organise inside you are able to enhance with inside organisers from the KOMPLEMENT series. Adjustable foot allow it to be easy to compensate some problems in the floor.
With the PAX Planner, you are able to quickly finish the combo of yours with integrated lighting. After picking out the light energy source, the planner is going to work out what accessories you have to finish the answer. Knobs and also handles are sold individually. Interior gadgets which help you organise inside your closet are sold individually.
2 individuals are essential for the assembly of this particular furniture.Different wall materials need various kinds of fixing devices. Use fixing products ideal for the wall surfaces in the home of yours, sold separately.Min. ceiling height required: 245 cm.The frame could be created in an erect position in case the ceiling height of yours is a minimum of 237 cm. Stick to the assembly directions in the package.This home furniture should be repaired on the structure together with the enclosed wall fastener.
DesignerWipe pristine with a cloth dampened in a slight cleaner.Wipe dry with a thoroughly clean cloth.Glass shelf
Wipe dry out with a thoroughly clean cloth.Environment
At least fifty % (weight) of this item is created from sustainable resources.

Materials Closet frame Particleboard, Fibreboard, Fibreboard and Particle- with honeycomb paper filling (hundred % recycled paper), Plastic edging, Melamine foil, Laminate, Paper foil, Plastic edging Add-on corner unit with four shelves Particleboard, Fibreboard, Honeycomb structure paper filling (hundred % recycled), Plastic edging, Paper foil Door Particleboard, Plastic foil, Plastic edging Soft ikea closing hinge Basematerial: Steel, , Nickel plated Copper-plated Plastic-made parts: Acetal plastic Soft closing hinge f corner section Plastic-made parts: Acetal plastic

Basematerial: Steel, Nickel-plated Drawer with glass front Basematerial:

Particleboard, Plastic edging, Paper foil, Tempered glass Drawer bottom:

Fibreboard, Acrylic paint Cup shelf Inside frame: Tempered glass

Frame: Fibreboard, Paper foil Pull-out tray

Drawer front/ Drawer side: Fibreboard, Foil, Melamine foil Drawer back/ Drawer bottom: Fibreboard, Foil Divider for pull out tray SAN plastic Clothing rail Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder, Anti corrosive phosphate coating coatin Shelf Particleboard, Paper foil

Corner Wardrobe

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